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Winning Stratigies for Poker

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We all have a bit of gambling in us wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we gamble on love and gamble on not putting on a few extra pounds when we eat chocolate bars all week. Gambling is something you can’t take away from man and that’s for sure.

Perhaps this is why the game of poker seems to be a strong favorite amongst thousands of people. It’s a game that can give you a heady rush when you win. However coming to the point where you play the game well enough to win is the issue with many people who are eager to learn how to play this game. The most important thing to do if you must learn how to play poker and win is to pay close attention to every detail of the game and ensure that you understand each and every moves being played or else you will be lost.

Watching the play
If you must be a good poker player, you must learn to keep your eyes on the game. Watch the table at all times and try to find out what informs the move of the people that you are playing with. There are different types of players in the game of poker. We have the loose player, the tight player, the aggressive player and the calling stations player. To know all this of course you have to be versatile in what makes up the game of poker in the first place so try as much as possible to find out all you can about it before you try your hand at it. The knowledge of the kind of players you are playing with can help you make your move in all wisdom.

Watching your chipstack
If you are player in an online poker tournament, you need to always keep your eyes on the chip stack. The chipstack in an online poker tournament is often found beside the tourney lobby. Making a mental note of the chipstack number is important because it can indicate whether you are overplaying your hand or under paying your hand. It does this by simply giving you an idea if your stack is above average or below average. The closer you are to your average, the more your chances of being short stacked. Try as much as possible not to call too much and to avoid being in the lead in your chips or else you may have nothing to play with before the game is up.

Watching your position
The position that you assume when you play poker is vital as it gives you an idea of what to play. There are particular hands that are better played in certain positions. It is vital therefore that you master the various positions a poker game can land you in and the best hands to deal in them. Some positions may call for you to limp along in order to get the greater advantage at the end while some may require you to pick up speed.

Summarily, poker is all about watching and making the right move based on the observations that you make.
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