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Types of poker players

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When Tim Lahaye’s book, “The spirit filled temperament” came out, it caused more that a stir of interest because of its peculiar approach to the study of personalities. I dare to say that many people heaved a great sigh of relief to know that they weren’t insane but their temperaments had a lot to do with the way they behaved!

Poker is one game that takes full advantage of psychology. The entire game is a game that capitalizes its success on the ability of the players to peg their opponents rightly .If you must be an excellent poker player, you should be able to have more than a fair amount of knowledge about the psychology of poker players. Personalities vary and determine actions; the same thing can be found among the players of a poker game. Knowing the psychology of a poker player is like knowing the way to navigate through a minefield in a warzone. You wither get out alive or you’re blown to smithereens!

There are three main types of poker players as far as poker goes
The aggressive player
The aggressive player is the one who tends to make the most noise at the table. He is the one who chats away when the game is going on and tends to try and distract you by making insignificant comments. You may not really view the aggressive opponent as a worthy adversary especially since he always seems to be the one who is a hurry to win and the one who is most likely to make a mistake. However, don’t be fooled. The aggressive player is the most cunning of them all and he tends to throw players who take him for grated off guard by winning right before a seemingly great flop. The most obvious sign of this player is that he is a bluffer. Most of the time, you have to call his bluff but you need to be cautious when doing this or else you will lose.

The backward player
The backward player isn’t much of a risk taker and isn’t as adventurous as the aggressive player. The backward player is the one whose sole aim is to play everyone out of the game and will bet as much as he can to make sure that happens. He is almost aggressive when he is winning but when a loss is in sight, he tends to recoil and hold on to what he has until he feels it is safe enough to bet again. In one word, he isn’t much of a chance taker unless he is sure he is going to win.

The loose player
The loose player is the one is so inexperienced he sticks out like a sore thumb. He is the one who raises often and is seen playing some of the worst hands in history! The loose player is the worst player among all the types and more often than not, his bad play is a direct result of his inexperience.
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