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The Lotter

Visit The Lotter
The Lotter Overview
Players looking to play the lottery over the Internet will want to stop by TheLotter and take a look around. Perhaps one of the most appreciated things about this online lottery site is its ability to provide players with so much while still maintaining a very clean and simple design. Players will also like the fact that this online lottery site provides them with all of the security they could ask for so they can take care of their lottery needs without worrying. This is one online lottery site that makes it a point to walk players through each and every aspect of the entire process to ensure that there is absolutely no confusion.
The Lotter
Buy 1 Ticket and get 1 Free at The Lotter
Visit The Lotter
When it comes to purchasing lottery tickets online, players will be glad to know that TheLotter is there to help them with the entire process. Players will actually be able to pull up a map and search the world for the lottery games that they wish to purchase tickets for. This lottery site has an impressive amount of lottery games that the players will be able to enjoy.

 Price per ticket  Starting at $3.00 (they also have a free draw)
 Draw Days  Various
 Latest time for Ticket Entries  In accordance with the Draw's Terms of Use
 Quick Pick Option  Yes
 Currencies Accepted  Dollars ($), Euros (€) or Pounds (£)
 Ticket Cancellation  Yes, if tickets have not yet been purchased for the draw.
 View Purchase History  Yes
 Loyalty System / Refer-a-Friend  Yes - $25 Free
 Operated by The Lotter Limited
 24/7/365 Support Yes
 Phone +44 (20) 7023 7556

Special Features
When it comes to special features, TheLotter has much to offer those who want to take care of their lottery needs in a convenient and hassle free manner. Some of the special features players will be able to take advantage of here include a lottery VIP club, special promotions, and much more. Players will really want to look around on this site because the more they do the more great things they will find.

Customer Support

The customer support offered to players on TheLotter is great and the staff is well trained to help the players with any questions or concerns they may have. The FAQ’s section is great about providing answers to a lot of the questions many players find themselves asking. Also, the support team can be reached by using the secure email form on the website.

Site Navigation

One of the impressive things about TheLotter is its user friendliness. Players will be directed right to the areas they are looking for with simple to follow top link navigation. When it comes to getting right to the point, this online lottery site does a great job.


When players are trying to find the best place for them to go in order to purchase their lottery tickets and view results, they will see that TheLotter has taken all of the wants of players into consideration in order to offer a great environment. This should be one of the first online lottery sites that a player should go to when they want to find one that will cover all of their wants and their needs.
Visit The Lotter
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