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Superena Lottery Review

Visit SuperEna Lottery
Superena Lottery Overview
Superena is a great online lottery resource for anyone looking for the ability to keep up to date on what is going on with the lottery, as well as anyone looking to purchase lottery tickets right over their computer. This lottery site offers players a simple, convenient, and secure way for them to take care of all of their lottery needs in one place. The design is also done in a way which gives this site a very professional feel so players know they can expect to be able to count on it to offer them what they came for in a hassle free manner.
Superena Lottery
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Visit SuperEna Lottery
When players turn to Superena for their online lottery needs they can expect to have a lot of choices available to them. Some of the lottery games that players will have the opportunity to play here include OzLotto, Superena, OzPowerball, UKLottery, USAMegaMillions, and USAPowerball.

Anyone who is looking for a way to take care of their lottery needs will want to be sure they think about their security first and foremost. They need to know they can count on the site to protect them and their information. This is one of the reasons why so many players have chosen to go with Superena. They know they aren’t going to run into any issues due to all of the security measures that are in place.

 Price per ticket   £2.50
 Draw Days  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
 Latest time for Ticket Entries  19:30pm GMT on the day of the draw
 Quick Pick Option  Yes
 Currencies Accepted  Euros (€) or Pounds (£)
 Ticket Cancellation  If tickets have not yet been purchased for the draw
 View Purchase History  Yes
 Loyalty System  Yes
 Operated by  Global Logistics Internet Limited
 Deposit Methods  Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Ukash,Neteller and Bank transfers
 Phone  +44-8704-601-788

Special Features

Superena has a lot of features that the players who choose it will really like. They will see such options as bundle play, rapid play; a tell a friend program, a helpful knowledgebase, a news section, and much more.

Customer Support

Customer support can be a real issue on any website, that’s why players who decide to go with Superena are so lucky. They get to take care of their lottery needs knowing help is right there. The customer support team will help them with anything they need regarding the site. They can be reached through email, phone, live chat, fax, and mail. This allows players to be able to contact them quickly and in a way they choose.

Site Navigation

The site has a good layout to it which makes it easy to navigate. There is also plenty of lottery related information that does an excellent job of keeping players informed of everything going on with the lotteries and explains all they need to know in order to take care of their lottery needs on the site.


Players who want to have all of the lottery information they need right at their fingertips will want to be sure they take a good look at Superena where they will be impressed with all it has available to them. Not only will players have an abundance of options, features, and benefits offered to them here, but they can take care of their online lottery needs on a site which is comfortable and dependable so they can get right to everything without any difficulties or problems.
Visit SuperEna Lottery
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