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PokerStars Room Reviews

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pokerstars PokerStars, licensed in the Isle of Man, is the largest online poker site, in terms of traffic. They are a standalone site, meaning that they do not belong to any network. Since they have the largest player base of any online site or network, this is not a drawback. They hold the Guiness World Record for the largest online poker tournament ever. They offer over 20 languages, including all major European languages and at least one Asian language.
PokerStars offering 100% bonus up to $600
Visit PokerStars
Traffic at PokerStars is second to none. At peak hours, you can easily find over 120,000 players online, and even at slower times of day, there are always plenty of players available at every level of play. Since there are a number of online poker pros who play at PokerStars, even the higher stakes rooms are usually active, and there are usually players around even for mixed games, although you won't have much choice in terms of stakes for games like HORSE and HOSE. Tournaments fill up fast, with high-stakes tournaments drawing tens of thousands of players. Their Guiness World Record breaking tournament was just shy of 150,000 players.

Software and Games
Available for both Mac and Windows, PokerStars software is stable and easy to use. Players can play at up to 24 tables at once. Players can upload a personal image to use as their avatar, but if your opponents' avatars bother you, you can block the avatar view. The table view is easy to customize, so players can change the colors to make them easy to view for extended hours of play. Game selection is excellent. PokerStars offers the usual games like Texas holdem, Omaha high, Omaha high low, and seven card stud, but they also offer seven card stud high low, razz, five card draw, low ball games like triple draw, and the combination games of HORSE and HOSE.

Bonuses and Promotions
First time depositors get 100% deposit bonus up to $600, and this can be spread over up to three deposits over 90 days. You have to earn points in order to redeem the bonus and get cash for it, which is typical for online poker rooms. Unlike most poker rooms, you have 180 days to redeem your deposit. Many other rooms give you as little as 60 days to redeem your deposit. There aren't a lot of freerolls, but there are a lot of tournaments which use Frequent Player Points as buy-ins. These can be useful and lucrative for making big bucks. Overall, though, players who want to make money at PokerStars will have to do so by playing well.

Customer Support
Customer support at PokerStars is available by email or by online support form. There is no phone help line and no online chat. This is very unusual for an online poker room, but problems are rare, turn-around time on help requests is very fast, and problem resolution is usually professional and easy. There is also an extensive FAQ that players should turn to before contacting support.
Visit PokerStars
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