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Free poker Profit management and strategy of double bluffing

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Try practicing with free games of poker as against the paid games so that after long practice of playing poker for free, when it comes to real thing of money, you will be a natural player and you will flow easily. Before you begin the playing of poker, it’s necessary that you set yourself some basic ground rules and guiding principles on time and money as you don’t need to spend a whole hour losing lots of money. I usually stick to three basic rules when I play and whenever I cross one at some point, I simply know that its time to cool it.

Though it could seem as holding down your winnings of slowing your progress, the actual truth is that they reduce your loss and stop you from retrogressing. They say some penny saved is penny gained, right? Those pennies gained surely will overtime gather to build but all it requires is some patience! These rules help you from losing what is really big by making silly small mistakes and I also make use of the same set of rules:

1. Have you used half of your initial cash you started with? Then it’s time to call it quits!

2. When I have earned doubled the amount of money I came with and I begin to make loses, I quit then come back another day. Never lose a huge amount of hard earned money by venturing all in; this is a rule I made and I strictly stick to it this to stop me from making a loss on the money I have already profited.

3. If I have played for say, 20-30 minutes and I have not made any significant profit or loss, I quit and maybe come back another day or later that day to play again as the chances are the luck could even be better.

If you are in a game and you want to win really big, it is important to know that you are not up against the cards, rather, you are going to playing against your opponents and it is of no great use going in all through at once knowing you are going to win only to see the other players are folding.

Also pay attention to the bluffing styles around the table, as if they all have good hand, most players will go in small so as to try to win as much money as they can from their opponents by betting in small amounts of money. However, if their bet is big, it is most likely that their bluff is. This may not always hold, but try to watch your partners guessing their game style, and then you can apply these rules to them. However, I can say that personally, these rules have worked for me 80-90% of the time I play.

You will also observe that most professional players always play using this very method and the way to go around the good players is to avoid been read and make your playing style very difficult to predict.

If the game is swinging your way, make it obvious to your opponent that you a good bluffer without risking too much so that when the good hand eventually comes as it will surely do, you can then bet really big and they will most times call your bluff which means you will rake simply in all their cash.
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