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How to play poker successfully as a means of livelihood

Playing poker as a means of livelihood could be very interesting and rewarding as it comes with its own benefits and gains but most people seem not to be aware of the inherent disadvantages associated with the play of poker as a means of living.

The gains of playing poker as a means of living
What can be more exciting than not having to wake up rushing to work before eight in the morning, choosing the length of hours and the days to work? You are not bothered with the stress of poring over a boring job and office or your annoying boss and colleagues; rather you get to enjoy one of the world’s finest adrenaline pumping game. Poker playing could be a great lifestyle only if you are a winning poker player, because if otherwise, you had better stick to your nine to five job.

The disadvantages of playing poker for living
There is no fixed income. Simply put, there will be days or even months unending of recorded loss either in arithmetic progression or geometric but the professional poker player should be able to look above the situation and focus on his game with great determination and unwavering resolve. Secondly, the long play of poker could be tiring and exhaustive though even at higher limits you don’t need to play all day, at times, you may need to play long enough until you conquer and made a satisfactorily amount.

Being successful playing poker.
Patience they say is a virtue and this does not prove different even in the game of poker as you have to be extremely patient in the game. Continuous and daily play of poker could be tiring and might even push one to the edge of limits just as equally as staring to a computer for long hours is sure to make you go almost insane.

Deep mental discipline and a steady plan and strategy is necessary if you are to make it as a poker player. It is advisable that you are aware of how many hours you spend playing poker as well as your income at the end of the day after play so as to help you know how much on the average you make by playing poker for a living.

Wild swings cannot be totally avoided in full time poker playing and this happens to be something most poker players find extreme difficulty in managing as he is confronted with changing personality when he sits down at table to play and constantly mixes his game. A professional poker player does not allow bad beat affect him and deals with it head on even when the cards are not to his favor, he still plays the best card games with deep dedication, focus and concentration. To understand poker in and out as well as grasp the skills required to be a successful player, you will need to read books and everything on poker as well as been disciplined. Discipline is mandatory if you are to be successful and professional poker player.
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