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Poker Etiquette

CoolHand Poker
As in real life, a person with manners generally achieves a lot more than a rude, obnoxious person. A person with manners has respect for themselves and those around them. Respect is reciprocal, what you give is what you will receive in return. Unfortunately there are many online players who hide behind their computer screens and think it's okay to be rude and insulting to their fellow players. There is no excuse for being obnoxious. You should never retaliate against these players, instead ignore them completely. A rude person generally lacks confidence in themselves and this will reflect in their style of game. Use this to your advantage. Bite your lip now and you will be rewarded later.

  • Watch your language, no profanity and offensive remarks.
  • Control your Ego, long winded stories of your conquests can be very tiresome and distract you from your game.
  • Don't argue, it is a waste of time, distracts you from your game and gets you no where.
  • Stay relaxed and focused and enjoy the game.
  • If you do get angry or upset, for what ever reason, rather sit out of the game for several hands so that you can calm down. Playing when you are angry, called Tilting, will negatively effect your game and your bankroll.
32Red Poker
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