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There are many different forms of poker that are played all over the world. From Poker Slot Machines found in casinos' to Omaha to Five Card Stud and to the current favorite Texas Hold'em. They can be played in brick and mortar casino's as well as online in the comfort of your own home. Texas Hold'em has become famous because of it's popularization on TV and because it is a easy game to play. However one should not become over confident to early because Texas Hold'em takes a lot of practice, patience, observation, dedication and an understanding of the card odds to master. If you are to become a Poker Professional you will need to master all these skills plus develop strategies of your own.

There is also a difference to playing poker online and playing poker live. If you are playing live you can read the facial expressions and body language of your opponent for a tell to help you decide if they have a strong or weak hand or even if they are bluffing. Playing online is a bit different and you need to read your opponents tells by the manner in which they play. How do they bet, fold, raise, re-raise, react to other players etc. There is always some way to read your opponent and to try and fathom what strength of cards they have.
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