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32Red Poker
Timing is of the essence. Make the most of your time. Money can’t buy time....I’m willing to bet you have heard many an adage concerning time and its importance in the affairs of man. Time isn’t just important in issues such as when to sell and buy and shares or when to get married. It also comes in quite handy in a game of poker. If you are a beginner at the game of poker, you will quickly discover that plunging into the game without taking your time can put you on the losing side.

Timing helps you know when to make your move and when to hold back. It helps you know when to put in your all and when to stake everything that you have. In poker, timing is the most essential factor and underplaying it would be a fatal mistake.

How do I know when the timing is right in poker?
Knowing when to make the right move is a skill that you have to hone as you keep playing the game of poker. The more you play, the more you know how to make the most use of your time. In a game of online poker, you don’t the luxury of reading the body language of your opponent, but when you play poker one on one with people, you do have the advantage of knowing when to lean in by paying close observation to the expressions( if any) and body movement of the people that you are playing with. In essence, knowing your opponent can help you make the most use of your time.

Timing in poker through rules
Knowing the rules of the game can also help you know when to strike. A firm handle on what makes the game and what doesn’t essential if you are going to be able to use time as a tool for winning your game. The rules of poker are basically simple enough. Depending on the type of poker you are playing, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the rules in order to know what it is you are doing.

Timing in poker through information
The best way to know how time affects a poker game is to learn all you can about it. There are several books both on and offline that will make you a theoretical poker player in no time. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by investing in these how to books as they will shed more light on the game and its complexities. Equipping yourself with all the information necessary concerning poker will definitely help you master the art of timing in the process of playing and make you a terror!

In summary, poker is nothing without timing. Timing is so crucial that the wrong move can make you lose everything in the blink of an eye. To succeed in poker, you should never underestimate the power of timing.
32Red Poker
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