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Making a living as an online casino poker player

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I have friends who have been winning and making lots of money over these recent years out of playing poker online such that they have even thought of giving up their day jobs. While is not an absolute certainty that you can earn a living by playing online poker, it however seems that a lot of people are doing it. To be a winning poker player, see these five tips.

Tip one: Except you are a Pro, never go all in
You need to be smart and be strategic while playing poker if you are to make a living out of it and that implies playing with a good hand. If you go all in with a band hand, you basically have started gambling and not playing wise as gamblers though may win on the short run they never do on the long run.

Tip two: Avoid betting except you are sure you have a decent hand
Reduce your bluff to the barest minimal. Don’t bluff too often because if someone calls off your bluff, what will you do? Though bluffing is an integral part of poker, it is wise not to stretch your luck too far because a time comes when luck will desert you on the long run.

Tip three: Don’t be afraid to fold
If you don’t have a good hand and after three to four hands you the odds are still not in your favor, don’t hesitate to fold. Forget about what the dealer or opponents will think or are thinking, winning is the only central concern and with a bad hand it is really impossible to win.

Tip four: Read your opponents
Reading your opponents and mastery of body language such as facial expressions, sitting postures, style of play and other mannerisms which your opponent employs is a skill that is very important in playing poker as through that, you will know what kind of hand they have and how to play it to your advantage.

Tip five: Always keep your cool
Just as reading your opponent is a veritable skill in the game of poker, losing your comportment in bouts of anger, show of disappointments and frustrations will become evident to your opponent and would be used against you. Even pros once in a while are faced with the fear of losing once in a while and its an inevitable in poker game, however, learning to mask your fears and be calm is key to winning.

Whether playing online or offline, follow the above listed tips and watch your opponents immensely to see if they keep bluffing, their betting style, do they fold when you go all in? To bet only when you have strong hand is the key to winning in the game of poker and poker is all about winning on the long run not on short terms.
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