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When cash is involved in the game of poker, it can be quite a serious business especially if you are just learning the ropes of the game. The most important thing to remember when you are playing poker is that you never bring more than you are willing to lose to the table. Many people make this fatal mistake and end up paying for it dearly. In poker, your bankroll basically ensures that you continue well into the game and your chances of winning are upped. You must bear in mind that the first rule of poker is that the game begins once all the players have thrown in their cash and ends when someone wins all that cash. You will want to try as much as possible to keep your payroll well in order to stand a chance at winning.

Have you ever tried to go a whole day without having a plan laid out? It can turn out to be a pretty crappy day. If you must play poker, never go to the poker table without a plan in mind. Before you start the game, make sure you already have a definite payroll in mind. Bring what you can work with to the table and plan not to exceed that limit. Many a poker player have become desperate when they lose their payroll and take more than they can actually afford to pay back .Having a definite plan in mind about your payroll will help you stay focused and disciplined. It will also make you a graceful loser especially when you know you gave it your best! Don’t break the bank simply because you want to play the game. Always play within the limit of your payroll.

In the game of poker, timing is of the essence. Don’t be ain a great hurry to throw all that you have into the game because of the promise of a win. Many times, what looks promising may turn out to be a move that will clear you out totally. You need to understand that the right hand played at the right time can bring in the jackpot. Don’t be quick to play each time it’s your turn to play. It may be the next hand that will help you win the game. This way, your payroll won’t be on a roll so to speak and you will still have enough to bet with well into the game. Bear in mind therefore that discipline and timing are the most vital poker tools you can employ to protect your payroll and keep you from falling into financial ruin.

Patience is also a product of the perfect timing that the game of poker requires you to employ. When you know what timing can get you, you will be very patience playing the right hand at the right time. In order to do this however you will need to watch the people whom you are playing with. Knowing the kind of player you have on your hands can determine just how patient you should be and when the right time is to play your hand. In addition, the size of your opponent’s payroll can also help to determine just how patient and disciplined you should be.
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