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How to play poker like to a fixed Robot

32Red Poker
Robots are programmed in such a way that they do certain things right even without a mind of their own. The key here in robotic activities is doing only what it was made to do. This can be likened to the game of poker, where a robot could learn to play poker expertly after it has been programmed to do so and you can be sure that no mental mistakes will be made as a robot does not have a mind of its own, it only follows instructions and while it may not undertake breathtaking moves or actions, the goal will still be achieved and that is to win the game. Funny right? The thought is sure laughable but consider having to play like a robot.

Playing poker like a robot is possible and not just having to play like a robot, you can play better than a robot but following the same set of conditionality the robot would have be exposed to. That is, programming yourself so as not to make any mental mistakes or undertaking any uncalculated risks or move that will deviate you from your end goal which is to win the poker game. It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible as while everybody can’t play great poker like a robot those who can are successful poker players making little or in fact no mental mistakes and as such becoming elite pokers.

Another thing about the robot is that it doesn’t tire easily or at all as a robot could play for hours unending without missing a beat but while that may not be possibility by you, you can actually come close to play for long untiring. This will involve the right treatment of your body as well as getting adequate rest and the balance that will keep you in top shape whenever you are at the poker table so as to play stronger than a robot or at lest, a strong as one.

The robot might play untiring and do the right thing at the specified time but the good thing of not being a robot is, having a mind of your own and programming yourself during poker games to think things through and take decisions for yourself. What if everyone was a robot played the best hands are cannot take decisions when to play or not to? Who would they win over the other as they have all been programmed to do the same thing at the specified time? The answer is that no money would be won. So you are better than a robot and even if they were to be poker players.

With the right skills and consistent practice, you can become a robot with the human mind that allows you to adapt to different game while on the table and take decisions both based on your partners actions as well on reasoning which the robot cannot do, as well as combine the mechanism of the robot which is making minimal mistakes and always the best decision. These two combined qualities of the human mind and the robotic qualities are something every poker player should strive to achieve.
32Red Poker
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