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Playing poker for me always had a particular element of danger because, you never really knew who would lose or who would win the game. Strip poker was as far as I went and you can bet I kept my clothes on! Playing poker with a deck of cards can be fun. It can be a bit of a big deal when ,money is involved but that doesn’t mean that you get your panties all up in a twist and cease to enjoy the thrill it brings!

Before you play card poker, you need to understand what you are dealing with. A typical deck of cards has four suits spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds.

Bear in mind that each suite has the following; a single king, jack, ace and queen and the numbers two to ten. The success of any card poker game is to combine each of these suites brilliantly. The combination of each of them is what will give you a winning hand or not.

What kind of suites can I combine in a card poker game?
The following are winning hands that you can combine to ace the game and come on top
Full house; this is when you have three cards of the same denomination in your hand and two cards of another denomination. A full house is not unusual to come across when playing card poker. The trick is to know the best time to play this hand.

Royal flush: In the process of playing card poker, you will discover the royal flush. The royal flush is a winning hand that combines the king, queen, ace, jack and the ten of one suit in a row. Once you have this combination, it would be pretty hard to come out on the losing side. As you play more often, you will understand why the royal flush is the ultimate winning hand.

Four three of kind: Four three of a kind is pretty much a simple combination. This is when you have three or four cards of the same denomination in your hand.

Straight: A straight in the game of card poker is when you have the five cards of any suit in a sequence. In other words they follow each other according to their ranks. Usually, the more cards you have in a sequence, the higher your chances of winning the game!

Straight flush: A straight flush is one hand that can only be taken down by a royal flush. This winning hand won’t be bad for you to achieve as a beginner as it increases you chances of winning.

Don’t let the fact that you may have never played this game get to you. One thing about poker is that the more you play the more adept you will become at it. The only way to do that however will be by paying attention to the hand of those you are playing with and observe the rules of the game. With that in mind you can’t go wrong.
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