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Perfecting the Art of Poker Discipline

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Discipline like in every other sport is a pre-requisite if success is to be attained and maintained, irrespective of the knowledge of the fact that poker is a gamble, you will someday hopefully become a professional and also make profits from this game. This realization should enable you imbibe qualities of sportsmanship such as understanding and discipline, continuous practice to keep learning. Even though skills are necessary in the game, method is equally essential as even the most skillful require a method which can only come about through careful practice.

It will be misleading to assume that there is such a thing as immediate talent, where you wake up one morning and you are talented all of a sudden and become a pro. Mozart did not wake up someday and started understanding and enjoying music; it took years of study and practice from childhood to turn him out to what he finally became. It is safe to say that talent is a continuous practice of one’s potentials and it doesn’t have to be until you are shoved and bitten to practice that you begin. Imbibe your own discipline and practice.

The not too skillful simply play for the fun of the game and the risk they take on chances and this is what actually keeps the poker business going as the professional ones don’t take to chances and is open to taking on his opponents mistakes and slips by watching out for repetitive patterns of flops, calculating what the odds are at all point in time and making it advantageous to himself. While the amateur plays for fun risking his chances, the professional plays having fun from emptying the pocket of his not so skillful opponent who is not aware that the only chances his opponent is taking is matching his own method of play against the amateur and winning.

This is why it is essential that in the game of poker, you realize which of the different varieties of the game you are good at and could probably play out successfully, perfect the play of that game, know your pitfalls and weaknesses and how best to reduce risks and increase your winning chances. This is why you see players who don’t have the ability of looking inwards to know what they are doing right or wrong, moodily playing the type of game that they enjoy least nor does not engage them and it may take a sympathetic onlooker from the side to draw his attention to him playing another game other than the type he is currently playing, only to discover that he is excelling far that he ever imagined in the new course.

A wide divide exists between a limit and a no-limit poker as a thoroughly disciplined poker understands the dynamics of poker and plays only the game he feels fully in charge, confident about and in control. The disciplined poker plays with extreme caution and wariness, understanding his opponents and his game of play, extracting from his pockets bits by bits in little measure until he goes for the final kill. The disciplined poker would only play what he considers is the best hand dealt to him usually a quarter of the total of the hands dealt them.
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