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A Hand of Texas Hold'em

CoolHand Poker
First Round - Preflop
Once the blind bets have been posted the dealer will begin to deal each player their cards one card at a time in two clockwise rounds.

Each player studies their hole cards and decides if they should play or fold. The first round of betting occurs with the player to the left of the big blind player and continues in a clockwise direction around the table.

In this round each player must decide, when it is their turn, to fold (quit this game), call (meet the current bet), or raise. If all the players left in the round choose to call the bet, instead of raising, then the player who posted the big blind bet is the only player who has the option to check (stay in the game without calling or raising) their own blind bet.

Second Round - The Flop
The dealer deals the first three community cards, face up, onto the table. Players now use these three communal cards in conjunction with their two pocket cards to try figure out their potential hand and strength of hand in comparison to what they think the other other players may have.

Betting starts with first active player to the dealers left (does not matter if the dealer has folded) and continues as in the first round. However if the first player decides to check then all the other players have this option as well until a bet is made, then the next player would need to fold, call or raise.

Third Round - The Turn
The dealer deals the fourth community card after the second betting round has been completed. Players now have six cards to work with.

The third betting round is the same as the second with the exception that players may have to wager higher bets depending on the Texas Hold'em betting limit model they are using.

Fourth Round - The River
The dealer deals the fifth and final community card. There are now a total of seven cards for players to use and try and make the best possible five card hand.
Betting continues as in the previous round.

The Showdown
All players left in the hand show their cards beginning with the last player to bet. Players may choose to "muck" their hand at any stage during the showdown. The player with the best hand wins. If and when a player wins by default, ie. all other players have folded and they are the only remaining player, they have the option to show their cards or not.
32Red Poker
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